Berlin Fotofestival The Browse

Berlin Fotofestival The Browse

Berlin Fotofestival 2013 THE BROWSE

From 13.6.-13.7.2013 Berlin Fotofestival 2013
– The Browse presents outstanding works by international
renowed photographers and young
talents at STATION Berlin.

With its exhibitions, competitions, and
events it inspires an audience, which is attracted
to photography, art, culture, and media. The
future of photo journalism and documentary photography are major topics of the festival.
Between 13.6.–18.6.2013 – during Professional Week – exhibitons by some of the best documentary
photographers will be one of the main attractions of Berlin Fotofestival. Pulitzer-winner Anthony
Suau, Magnum photographers Paolo Pellegrin & Steve McCurry and more than 20 colleagues in
the exhibition serien „Time in Turkey“.

Kai Wiedenhöfer "Wall on Wall"

Marrocans pushing package of clothes towards a borderentrance to Marroco from the Spanish enclave of Mellila. The fence was erected over the last decade to prevent immigration from Africa to the European Union.

Photos: Olga Kravets, Oksana Rushko und Maria Morina.Grozny: Nine Cities

„Grozny: Nine Cities“ draws from 9 different perspectives the
portrait of an explosive city years after the end of Chechnyen war. A project by Olga Kravets, Oksana
Rushko und Maria Morina.

Photo: Rob Hornstra - Sochi Project

Rob Hornstra documents the dramatical changes of the Sochi region before the Olympic Winters
Games will take place in 2014. For his 5 year enduring project he has fellows auther Arnold van Bruggen
and designer Jeroen Kummer to establish a totally new crowd-funded form of photography and

Foto Christopher Morris: From War & Politics to Fashion

Another festival highlight is the attendace of former war and White House photographer Christopher Morris
(VII photo agency), who will present Haute Couture fashion photographies and give a 3-day workshop "Learning to see"

Photo: Robert King, text Rocco Castoro "KKKRIPS"

In collaboration with Robert King, chief editor VICE USA, Rocco Castoro, who wrote the story “The Wizard of the Saddle Rides Again”, about the Ku Klux Klan rally and a planed counter rally by the CRIPS in Tenessee, curated the KKKRIPS exhibition (that, of course, features Robert’s photographs of the KKK and Crips). The exhibition also includes showings of Triple Hate, a documentary co-produced by the pair and hosted by Rocco. He and Robert frequently do things they probably shouldn’t, but that’s mostly because they get bored easily.

Photo: Paolo Pellegrin - contribution to the project "Time in Turkey"

photo report of 25 award-winning world-class photographers, including: Chris Morris, Anthony Suau, Ed Kashi, Paolo Pellegrin, Kathryn Cook, Producer: Zaman